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Supplier performance excellence is fundamental to Boeing's success. The Boeing Performance Excellence Award and Supplier of the Year are the company's official programs to recognize suppliers who achieve the high performance standards necessary to meet customer expectations and remain competitive in the global economy.

Awards Overview

2019 Supplier of the Year Award Recipients

Boeing has named its 2019 Supplier of the Year award winners, recognizing 10 companies for the high-quality products, services and value they create for Boeing and its customers.

2019 Supplier of the Year Award Winners:

  • King Aerospace, Ardmore, Oklahoma
    Collaboration Award – Supplier has worked with Boeing to achieve a shared goal in areas of innovation, process or product improvement.
  • ChemTreat Inc., Glen Allen, Virginia
    Sustainability Award – Supplier has demonstrated leadership, outstanding performance or successful partnerships in a formal, measurable environmental program and culture of sustainability.
  • VECA Electric & Technologies LLC, Seattle, Washington
    Safety Award – Supplier models a zero-injury mindset, investing in and implementing a formal, measurable safety program.
  • Davidson Technologies, Inc., Huntsville, Alabama
    Support & Services Award – Supplier provides outstanding support or services to Boeing, including engineering support, logistical support and/or site services.
  • Rossell Techsys, Bangalore, India
    Production – Supplier or institution has been instrumental in the design, modification or production of a product.
  • Wipro Givon Ltd., Kiryat Balik, Israel
    Outstanding Performance Award – Supplier has exhibited superior performance and has achieved Boeing Performance Excellence Award status for five consecutive years.
  • Northern Valley Machine & Automation, Inc., East Grand Forks, Minnesota
    Global Supplier Diversity Award – Small diverse supplier has worked with Boeing to achieve a shared goal.
  • IBM, Kirkland, Washington
    Pathfinder Award –
    Supplier delivers outstanding efforts and/or improvements during the year.
  • AMRO Fabrication Corp., South El Monte, California
    Innovation Award – Supplier’s outstanding performance in research and development efforts are instrumental in the introduction of new products to meet Boeing's current and future business needs.
  • Toray Composite Materials America, Inc., Tacoma, Washington
    Excellence Award – Supplier has demonstrated exceptional performance and support for Boeing’s current and future production and services environment.

Supplier Recognition Programs

Boeing Performance Excellence Award

The Boeing Performance Excellence Award (BPEA) is an annual program to recognize superior performance as measured in the Enterprise Supplier Performance Measurement (ESPM) system. Boeing generally announces BPEA recipients each January. The BPEA program replaced Boeing's Preferred Supplier Certification program.

BPEA Eligibility Criteria

  • Gold or silver composite performance ratings for each month of the BPEA performance period (Oct. 1 to Sept. 30) with no suppressed ESPM data
  • Annual contract payment value of at least $100,000
  • Minimum of 10 monthly deliveries or a General Performance Assessment rating

BPEA Rewards

  • Trophy suitable for lobby display
  • Recognition in Boeing internal and external publicity (supplier concurrence required)
  • Eligible for Boeing Supplier of the Year

Eligibility for Boeing Supplier of the Year

The BPEA figures into the selection of Boeing's top honor, Supplier of the Year. Achieving BPEA status or demonstration of outstanding achievement is a prerequisite for Supplier of the Year.

Recognition at Supplier of the Year ceremony

  • Recognized at Supplier of the Year ceremony
  • Recognition in Boeing internal and external publicity (supplier concurrence required)


Performance Recognition Contacts


Accessing performance data via ESPM

  • External users must be sponsored by a Boeing procurement agent to gain access to ESPM and their company's Supplier Performance Measurement report. Please contact your procurement agent if you need to obtain access.
  • External users can enter ESPM at Click on the Secure Logon link in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, and then log on to the Supplier Portal with the logon ID and password your procurement agent has provided.
  • Find the link to ESPM in your My Products section within the Supplier Portal.

Sponsored Recognition

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